So it’s Saturday morning… well actually, it’s Saturday afternoon but I just woke up… anyway, I had some plans on going to Akihabara and spending until I could spend no more, but unfortunately for the rest of the week I’m going to be confined to my room, except when part time work calls.

The reason for this? The Australian Dollar. Here, let’s look at a graph.

Yen for 1 AUD

That’s how much Yen you can buy with AUD$1. WHAT THE HELL? When I got here at the start of July things were sweet, I’m glad I bought my Xbox and 24″ LCD right there and then. Now the wealth that I amassed working in Australia is worth half as much. And it’s only going to get worse. I would be stupid to spend any of it now, leaving me with the yen I have in my wallet for a week. My only hope is to wait for the Yen to crash and I should be okay again… although I’m thinking that by that time, there’s going to be a serious economic crisis at hand.

Foreboding doom aside, thankfully I’ve been doing all that part time work… although I don’t have any yen in hand to show for it at the moment. I was in Citibank yesterday getting an account so I could get paid, and they had foreign currency listings on a TV screen while I was waiting. It kind of made me feel good, because the New Zealand Dollar is in WORSE shape. It was like “LOL! Oh wait, that’s really bad…”

Still, I’m going to put this weekend to use. I’ve not made any gifs in… years now? I still note down the timings so I can go back later, but I might dedicate this weekend to making gifs of all the Anime Openings and Endings I’ve collected over the years.

Also, I’m going to for Danny’s (Choo) featured feeds. There’s been a few things I’ve wanted to take photos of and blog, but given that my current readership is about five to ten people I’ve kind of not bothered. If I can increase my readership then I’ll probably be compelled to blog more and on more interesting things. So we’ll see how that goes. I know I’ll be able to turn this into something awesome, I’m just not sure what kind of awesome yet.

Well, I’m off to the 100 yen shop to buy some food. Have a gif.