I’ve not updated in a while, mainly because everything here in Tokyo was going wrong, and I didn’t want to make a whinge post. However, things are taking a different spin, so whether or not they turn out for the best remains to be seen.

I’ll get the negative things out of the way first. The Australian dollar continues to drop (it was at 55c to 100 yen a few days ago), making taking money out of the ATM a trauma. It also makes my rent twice as expensive, blowing me very far out of budget.

Not only that , but IT job interviews were following identical patterns. I’d go for the interview, they’d love my experience, technical ability and how I’d fit in with the team. But as soon as talks about my Working Holiday Visa came up, things would always get sour and I’d quickly be shown the door. Some were polite about it (“We’ll have a chat with our HR department and see how things go), some were blunt (“Sorry, we’re looking for somebody with a full visa.”) and others were just plain rude (“Uh, you know that’s not going to work, right?”). All would end with me not getting the job. At least I don’t hate instant ramen.

So I’ve taken two different stances. Firstly, I’ve moved apartment. From Fujimidai, about fifteen minutes west of Ikebukuro, to Kinshichou, which is about fifteen minutes from Akihabara. Yes, freakin’ sweet, but not so sweet given that I have no money to spend there at the moment.

This is where teaching English comes in. I’m not getting full time IT work, and I need to start earning yen ASAP. So come Monday (which is a public holiday here, only found that out today), I’m going to make an additional English Teaching resume and start spamming the interwebs.

I’ve moved into a gaijin house with a few other gaijin. There’s a Czech guy who’s studying Cybernetics, an American who’s looking to become a proper English teacher, and two Korean girls, who can’t speak English. Which is fine, because they speak better Japanese than me and we can communicate without a problem.

So that’s how things stand at the moment. I hope my job searching goes well… and that there are no English tests, because that would just be epic fail. Once I start earning money I should be able to do something that involves me being able to leave my room.

Oh wait, I forgot a gif.