Hey, more slow updated excuses!

I kind of wanted to make this update a video update, becuase text is so 1983 and people upload much worse stuff to Youtube. But it would just be me in my room and I think that’d be kind of somewhere. I know once I get over the initial inertia they’ll just roll out, but hey.

Since my last update, two of the people in my guest house have moved out. The Czech guy had a party here and quite a few people turned up. About ten, which is a lot for our small kitchen that gets cramped when it has three people. What was interesting was that there were people from all over the place. Korea, Germany, Denmark, China, and of course Japan. Despite this, everyone was speaking English, and I was the only native English speaker there. Made me glad that I’m technically bilingual now.

Then I played Left 4 Dead for about two weeks straight.

Work prospects look terrible. I don’t even get responses anymore. I don’t really expect to find work until Febuary, March or April anyway. For English teaching, I need a degree in anything, and for I.T. work I need JLPT Level 2. Thankfully, I have an optical internet connection to pass the time.

Being a white guy in Japan is funny. When being served by someone Japanese either when you’re shopping or getting food, you get no eye contact and they mumble everything they say, assuming you don’t understand anything. I got a lot of that early on when I wasn’t confident in my Japanese. Now however it generally starts off that way (or with them shoving an English menu in your face) but as soon as you start speaking the lingo they change back to normal customer service mode, but when they thank you at the end, there’s a smile that says “thank you for speaking Japanese” or “thank you for not making me use English”.

An American/Japanese guy I met over here has had a friend come over from the US, and we’ve been up to touristy for the past week. At least I’m getting out of my apartment. We play a Japanese card game called Lycee. I’m kind of new, he isn’t. But he can’t read Japanese where as I can. So he knows what most of the cards do based on what they look like. If we’re card hunting, I have to read the cards for him. He shows me how to play. It works out okay.

But yeah, that’s about it. We’ll see how keen I am on an update sometime soon. Have fun now.